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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to a procedure of optimizing and designing a website in order to meet the conditions of search engines algorithm, so that your website will get maximum organic traffic and volume. This traffic is governed by the search queries written by the users on the search engines. This is commonly called as Organic SEO. The number of visitors your website will receive depends upon the rank or position of website on the SERP’s or Search Engine’s Results Pages. If your website is embellished with a proper SEO, it will ensures that your website has the appropriate search terms (Keywords) that will in turn generate the highest and best traffic plus your website has content relevant to its subject matter.


Users type into a search box of a search engines such as Yahoo, Baidu, Bing and Google on the internet and these words and phrases become the keywords. According to dictionary “keyword is an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document”.

So according to this statement keywords are crucial to a website and they need to determine the rank and the direction of organic traffic by creating the optimized content.


For a good SEO you need a quality content. If the content is concise and clear can help to making a section of optimized content. The content must be written in plain language. It means you must use targeted Keywords in the content and be it more natural as people want to read good content containing some valuable information. An optimized content is base of search engine optimization and without it a website can’t take the high rank on the search engines.


If we talk about a good SEO, it includes a complete investigation into website’s code, written copy (content), navigation structure, its mobile friendliness, related search terms (keywords), page load speed and many more. SEO experts fix problems related to online marketing plus prevent search engines’ spiders and robots from fully crawling or indexing a website. It is well known fact which has been gaining momentum is search engines likes to crush algorithm updates. The spammers or those who wish to manipulate search results, who wish to manipulate the SER’s results to make their page ranked on the top.  So to weed out the undesirable ones and enhancing search results, every algorithm update is designed.

Hence SEO Professionals work in a best way to insure the right results. To be the overnight wonder is not easy as many variable are involved. As SEO Professionals note down a dynamic SEO plan of action, this will ensures some favorable results.

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