Web 2.0 – The Definitive Website Has Emerged

There has been quite a lot of hullabaloo both in the web design trade and wider IT circles. At the end of the day what it really comes down to is social networking, gathering the knowledge of the masses, or the experiences of the masses and stories that people can tell…there are just some examples, Wikipedia and Bebo respectively.

Bebo perhaps more so, as it is more freeform, Wikipedia has the unfortunate vulnerability of allowing any Joe Soap to be a so called expert. del.ico.us is another fine example, it breaks the mould of current web site directories say like Yahoo, which uses an organisation known as taxonomy where by directories are managed by directory managers and editors, del.ico.us uses what is known as folksonomy, which is a rating and listing of a web site based on votes from other surfers. It is a golden age of growth for creative internet applications, a re-birth, probably the biggest thing since the dot bomb of late ’90s, but this time the technologies¬†ICO Rating and philosophies are both more intelligent and better thought out, keeping the user experience in mind all the time.

I’d like to think of this dawning era as the renaissance of the web. Most of these sites are enabled by AJAX, a set of technologies that when combined allow for a rich user experience with a web interface, responsive and powerful, revolutionizing the way the web works, there is also the endless possibilities of exchanging information between websites and building composite systems.

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